Welcome to the Innovation You
personal assessment!

Write a challenge statement that clearly and succinctly defines your challenge above. 140 characters max.

For each set of statements, rank the statements between 1-4, 1 being the one you most agree with.

For more detailed instructions, view a video or documentation.

1. Personal

        Key questions about YOU

  • Consider the following questions in terms of how you - as an individual - personally approach opportunities and challenges.

I am
I am guided by my
I value my
I work toward
I face challenges by
I am energized by

2. Communal

      Key questions about YOUR COMMUNITY

  • Consider the following questions in terms of the culture and competencies of your community. Your community includes those people around you that play a role in your personal innovation and growth challenge. For many challenges (including the deeply personal), this community may be composed primary of family and friends. For other challenges, this community may be composed primarily of a work team or collection of professional colleagues.

We are
We are guided by our
We value our
We work toward
We face challenges by
What we do best is

3. Universal

      Key questions about THE WORLD

  • Consider the following questions in terms of the situational forces at work in your world with respect to your innovation challenge. Your context includes those circumstantial and environmental factors that play a role in your personal innovation and growth challenge, in much the same way that weather can play a role in a journey. This context involves those factors (beyond the personal and community) that are likely to bear on your pursuit of objectives and outcomes. Key contextual factors could include such forces as economic conditions, long-standing patterns of behavior or the availability of certain resources. Although several may be relevant, keep the single most important context in mind when completing this section.

Conditions favor things that are done
Success in these conditions comes primarily from
Major changes usually happen
The current context rewards
The environment encourages
Conditions require